The Fellas and Lady
The leader of this here outfit, Chris Steele (on the left) has been growing the demand for craft beer in B/CS through various dealings with Drinker X and other craft beer enthusiasts. Opening O’Bannon’s Taphouse back in 2005, Chris realized there was a Texas-sized thirst for Texas brewed beer. As the story goes, the initial plans brew BWD were first brought to light w/ an offhand comment by his now business partner at a Flogging Molly concert. Something like “hey we should open a brewpub and make our own beer, instead of always selling everyone elses”. So was born the Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. Come on in, pull up a chair, and enjoy yourself, damnit.
Drinker X
Chris Weingart (on the right) knows the simple, yet boundless beauty of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and has been brewing Good Bull since his days as a germ wrangler at the Texas Aggie animal hospital. Leaving for greener pastures, Chris honed his skills in the craft brewing industry, spreading the gospel for great Texas brewers and helping to bring them to the B/CS community. After the plan was set, Chris partnered up with…well Chris, to solidify the love of craft beer in every resident of Aggieland and surrounding areas.
Jill of All Trades
If there is one person who keeps this team in line this is she. She may look sweet and innocent but she bites. Hard. Stephanie works just as hard as these boys do but with class of course. Meet The Jill of all Trades.