As a local business we’re all about supporting local. While we purchase ingredients for both our beer and our food from local farms and businesses, we also provide for local farms through our spent grain from every batch we brew!

What's The Buzz
What’s The Buzz Coffee (WTB) is our local specialty coffee roaster and we’re proud to say that every pint we serve of Contract Killer Coffee Porter has a little bit of WTB coffee in it to give it a nice black coffee edge. We use their Tanzanian Peaberry coffee every time we brew up a batch of Contract and we also offer their Guatemalan La Pastoria blend as our house coffee. So if you’re ever in need of a pick me up with a warm cup of coffee, or want to pretend you’re having a cold pressed coffee, we’ve got you covered.
Texas A&M University: Howdy Farms
 While we have purchased from a variety of local farms since opening, the Texas A&M University Howdy Farms has been a large proponent of using local ingredients for our food. We highly suggest you make it out to their organized farmers market whenever you get the chance. These Aggies are a great group of aspiring farmers handsome of the friendliest people on campus. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop on their events and releases!
Howdy Farms
Aquatic Greens Farm (AG Farm)
Another local produce vendor we enjoy supporting is the AG Farm, which is a Fresh Organic Produce from our Aquaponics Farm. If you’re ever in the need for organic produce, don’t hesitate to visit the farmers market at N. Main St. and Bryan Avenue in downtown Bryan on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. They have an amazing group of vendors out there and they’re literally catty-corner to out production facility at 701 N. Main.
Fort Dodge Bees
Fort Dodge Farms: Millican, TX
 We’ve also established a great relationship with Susan and David at Fort Dodge Farms located in Millican. Our donated spent grain goes on to feed their livestock! In turn we get to purchase BWD spent grain raised pigs for special events such as our popular Beer Dinners! They also have a bee farm and produce honey we purchase for making small test batches… and to sneak a couple of pre-beer adding tastes of course. Check them out on Facebook!
Fort Dodge Pigs
TAMU Janice and John G. Thomas Honey Bee Facility
 This year (2015) when we brewed our Peppermint Double Milk Stout we set out to look for enough honey to get the job done. The wonderful Ags of the TAMU Honey Bee Facility provided the means to allow this wonderful beer to come to fruition. Purchasing this honey also allows them to continue their research, because we all know we’ll need more next year! You can purchase their honey at Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology Center when available.
Angie Honey (No Caption)