First canning run of Border Town

It has been an exciting week for us here at Blackwater Draw Brewing Company.  It has been 396 days since we took over the old Nutrabolt building at 701 N. Main in historic downtown Bryan and we are proud to announce the release of our first canned beer, Border Town Mexican-style lager.  Every since that muggy June day we have been asked, “So…when you guys gonna start canning?”  Well we finally have an answer to that question.  June 15, 2015 we were finally able to commission our LinCan15 canning line from ABE to complete our very first canning run of Border Town.


Border Town on the border of Texas/Mexico

It was an exciting day to say the least, but not nearly half as exciting as spending this week sharing our beer with the good folks in Bryan & College Station.  We are proud & grateful to have a handful of great retail partners to launch Border Town today throughout the B/CS area (map below of some great places to get yourself  some Border Town).  We even sent our beer down to the Rio Grande at Los Ebanos Ferry Crossing with some friends for some pretty cool pictures.

So why call Border Town a ‘Mexican-style lager’?  It’s fairly simple actually.  Mexican brewing tradition was brought over by Austrian immigrants in the 1800’s much like American brewing traditions were brought over by Germans around the same time.  Contrary to the German light lagers, Austrians produced a darker and maltier Vienna lager that was once common across most of Mexico.  The Vienna lager has also been described as a ‘baby Oktoberfest’.  Unfortunately, Vienna lagers are almost non-existent in Austria and is mainly produced by a handful of North American breweries.  The style is an amazing one that I quickly fell in love with early in my home brewing years.  They are not difficult to produce, they just require more time & a bit more equipment to help regulate temperatures over an extended period of time.

We invite you to join us for First Friday July 1st in downtown Bryan for our official release of Border Town cans.  You can purchase 6-packs or cases downtown directly from our taproom or visit one of the great retailers below this 4th of July weekend to pick yourself up some great beer to share with friends & family.

Cheers y’all!