01 Jul 2016

Great Beer Has No Borders

It has been an exciting week for us here at Blackwater Draw Brewing Company.  It has been 396 days since we took over the old Nutrabolt building at 701 N. Main in historic downtown Bryan and we are proud to announce the release of our first canned beer, Border Town Mexican-style lager.  Every since that muggy June day we have been asked, “So…when you guys gonna start canning?”  Well we finally have an answer to that question.  June 15, 2015 we were finally able to commission our LinCan15 canning line from ABE to complete our very first canning run […]

09 Jun 2016

The Birth of Hell’s Cellar

Many things go into making a great beer.  But what goes into making a great sour beer?  What about an American wild ale?

First off, I would feel I wasn’t doing my duty if I didn’t explain the difference between a sour & a wild ale. Superficially they may seem the same, but if we dig a little deeper we begin to see a very distinct difference.  Sour is a very one dimensional flavor originating primarily from lactic acid-producing Lactobacillus sp.  Some brewers choose to enhance this ‘sour’ flavor by adding straight lactic acid or perhaps producing lactic acid through a […]

16 Dec 2015

An Update & Brewpub Holiday Hours


While I have failed to post awesome pictures of our grand opening of our downtown packaging facility, please know that it was a great success! We had a blast and were welcomed into DTB by it’s locals with open arms. Many folks came out to check the place out and asked tons of questions. We look forward to many more encounters with many of you as we begin to package our beer and make it more accessible to you!

Some quick updates, as there has been some confusion. Our 303 Boyett Brewpub serves food, our 701 N Main Packaging Facility […]

21 Nov 2015

701DTB Awakens

Last Thursday was the day we kicked off a 4 in a row brew day cycle to make sure you guys have plenty of beer to drink this winter 😉 . Oh alright, we’ll probably have to make some more before winter is over, but we’ll do it because you love it and we love making it for you.

I’ve added some raw footage from the milling in of our first beer we brewed up to get a feel for our new system. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’ll be a pale ale! We hope you welcome it with […]

15 Nov 2015

West Carolina Weekend!

Well guys… it looks like we’ve cycled through another at-home game season at the brewpub and it’s been awesome. We have a blast meeting out of towners coming in and sharing their stories about beers they have back home and breweries they visit. It’s a seemingly unspoken understanding that dropping into a craft brewery in whatever town you end up in will be as hospitable as the one you left back at home and we’re honored to have everyone that comes through our door.

We know we had a bit of a learning curve last year, but this year we […]

12 Nov 2015

It’s Our 2nd Anniversary!

While it seems like just yesterday we opened for an hour and started a fire that would shut us down, we’ve made it out two years and my has it been a trying whirlwind full of learning and hard work. We never would have thought we’d be on the front of opening up a production brewpub this soon! We owe that to a lot of people, our customers, our employees, and to our bank (haha). Without you guys and the feedback you give us on both beer, food, and the way we run things we wouldn’t be successful. Not […]

11 Nov 2015

First order of grain!

Our first order of grain has made it in to our 701 location. Now all we need is yeast, a boiler inspection, and some training on the new 20 bbl system and we’ll be ready to fire things up and brew up a brown ale to christen the tanks followed by our line up. What that means for you is that the day is near! Fingers crossed and December will be the month we get to start pouring you guys some pints!

10 Nov 2015

Ol’St.Nippleaus is Coming!

He sees you when you’re drinking,
He knows when you’re at Blackwater,
He knows when you’ve been good or bad,
Ol’St.Nippleaus is being brewed today!Our popular Peppermint Double Milk Stout
should hit the taps on Black Friday!

This year we used genuine bee honey from the TAMU Janice & John G.Thomas Honey Bee Facility!
Hope you guys are as excited as we are!For more information on them, please visit the Honey Bee Lab



08 Nov 2015

Auburn Weekend

Well… the Ags may not have beaten Auburn, but we sure had a great time meeting some Auburn fans and introducing them to our brews. This weekend we bid farewell to Fresh Hop Citra, but are excited to announce that Timber Snake IPA is slated for a return this week! Also, Ol’St.Nippleaus (aka Northpole Mafia) is in the works, so for all you Peppermint Double Milk Stout lovers, get excited! Cheers

25 Oct 2015

BWD Production

We’ll be expanding by opening a production facility for canning and kegging to make our beer available to you in the stores of the Brazos Valley at the turn of the year (2016). This location, at 701 N. Main in Downtown Bryan will not, however, have a kitchen.