Brew pub Black Water Draw in College Station, Texas in the historic Northgate District



We opened our door to the heart of Aggieland on November 12, 2013 as an independent, family run company. Our idea was simple, keep as many of our products as close to the source in order to provide a fresh & unique experience. Water being as important to beer as it is to life, we chose the name Blackwater Draw because it is the source of the Brazos River….and it sounded cool. Our philosophy is to provide local, quality, hand made products to ensure a unique customer experience. We pride ourselves in partnering with other local business when possible, to ensure we use the freshest products possible. Our mission is to offer our growing craft beer community world class beer and to give the B/CS community a brewery & restaurant they can be proud to call their own.

Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.
303 Boyett St
College Station, TX